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Eco-friendly & Quality Paper Packing Rondo Trays for Ampoules
This HITECH Shock Absorber trays will give total security in transit
We Mfr. Printed & Plain Rondo Trays on fully automatic Machinery

Plant Capacity and Quality:

Our manufacturing is based on mass production using fully automated machine which can produce 30,000 trays per shift of 8 hours every day. The machinery is compatible to work for 365 days a year to meet any urgent requirements.

The duplex board, which is used to manufacture the Rondo trays, is very economical and eco-friendly compared to plastic trays. This results in the cost efficiency of the final product. It assure you of the quality in terms of security of ampoules in transit, subsequent storage and handling.

Having developed this unique product after conducting lot of trials to meet International standards for export market, we have approached the potential users of Rondo trays who have gladly collected our samples, conducted trials with our product both for domestic as well as export market. After establishing the quality of our product they have been regularly placing their orders.

Having established our products in this wide spectrum of satisfied clientele, we intend introducing our product to wider network of users with our excellent service.

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